Monday, January 19, 2009

Soap It Up!

We've come out with two new soaps one for our "Beard Care" Line and the other for our "Skin Care" Line.

For the Beard Care Line, we have a custom formulated soap called "Botanical Beard Bar" that we've worked on for a while now.

We wanted to combine the effect of oils and aloe-vera into a great botanical soap that has a refreshing scent and I believe that is what we have humbly accomplished.

You can do a quick beard wash before bed if you don't want to go through the shampoo route. We are selling our it for $6.95 -- click here to read more and purchase.

For our Natural Skin Care Line, we have our Pure Skin 'Pine Tar' Soap. This is as macho as skin care for men can get.

Pine Tar has a long history of being used by people as a natural treatment for dry, itchy or flaky skin.

With a 20% pine tar content, along with olive, coconut and castor oils this is one skin treatment that is manly, natural, and affordable at only $6.95 a bar.

The reason we put the 20% is because the product is not therapeutic if it has less than 20%, so even if that is more information then you wanted to know -- you have to know what you're getting right? Below is the link to purchase, and directions for use.
Click here to read more and purchase.


Step #1 - Rub Pine Tar Bar onto clean wash cloth or onto hands with warm (to open pores) water and develop a nice lather similar to the appearance of shaving cream. Lightly massage onto face or other body part for approximately 30 seconds and rinse with warm water.

Step #2 – Repeat Step 1 but rinse with cold water on the 2nd time (to close pores) and lock in all the healing properties of this bar. Allow to dry completely.

If using for acne or skin breakouts - do NOT follow with a moisturizer. If using for Psorisis or flaky skin condition, you may follow with a moisturizing product

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