Friday, January 30, 2009

Its Official: Facial hair at its most popular since the 70's

If you've been seeing a lot of people growing facial hair recently -- its attributable to one of two things:

1.) Our beard care products make it easier for men to groom and take proper care of the beards (and I'd like to think that's a big part of it!)

2.) Growing facial hair is becoming a very popular trend again.

No need to split "facial hairs" over this -- we'll be humble and attribute it to the latter reason.

Today (January 30th), LSU's paper, the Daily Reveille featured an article about the immense popularity of facial hair and the comeback its making.

That's especially evident on college and university campuses where grass-roots movements are leading the charge against the clean-shaven.

For more details read: Facial Hair at its most popular since the 70's.

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