Thursday, May 15, 2008

got beard? [ FREE Sticker Promotion! ]

FREE Stickers!!! Starting immediately, we are offering our "got beard?" stickers free with all beard care product orders [while supplies last!], regardless of order amount. These cool stickers are probably one of the very few stickers about beards printed anywhere.

Display your beardness with our stickers -- free! Everybody gets bumper stickers to proclaim their thoughts, opinions, so why not us bearded ones. Finally -- we have our own bumper sticker.

Even if you're not a sticker junkie or have never had a bumper sticker -- you'll enjoy this sticker because you've just reversed the question from: "Why keep a beard?" to one of "Why don't you have a beard?" as evident from "got beard?"

So the answer to the question "got beard?" could vary between "yes" and "no" [no maybe's or multiple-choice on this one]. So if the answer is "Yes I have a beard" -- then: Man, get some beard care products and take care of it. If "no", then, boy are you missing out on something.

Not to mention the fact that we hope to get in some marketing points in this way. Hey -- we have to plug our business too right?

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