Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Beauty of the Beard

For centuries and centuries beards have been in vogue and always popular, always manly, and always attractive. There was one tiny blip in history (mainly the last century) with the onset of the Industrial Revolution that saw a shift towards the dreaded razor. But as all things must return to their roots we are discovering the artificialness of shaving.

But even that small blip of history where beards were relegated towards a dark corner, is now vanishing. Beards are making a comeback -- and back in style. From John Doe to Johnny Depp, beards are all around you.

People are waking up and realizing the aura of authority and manliness - a beard conveys to its grower.

Yes, there certainly is an inherent beauty in the beard -- and here is a great article on the beauty of the beard

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