Friday, July 19, 2013

The perfect beard product for the summer!

As I write this, we are in the middle of a searing heat wave that is especially affecting areas from the Midwest to the East Cost. Temperatures getting into 100 degrees! That is hot.

So first things first, get access to a nice cool area where you can spend the day and avoid taking on outdoor activities that will expose you to the Sun.

Beardsley Cantaloupe Shampoo
What the heat wave reminded me is of cantaloupe drinks/smoothies. When I was a kid, the cantaloupe smoothie was the defacto menu item whenever temperatures got really hot. Its cool, its refreshing, and who its got a cool name that sounds French: cantaloupe.

Okay, so maybe I'm not sure about the exact origins of the word, but here at Beard Care Products, we recently introduced a new product. No, no - not a cantaloupe smoothie. We don't do fruit drinks - not yet anyway. But beard drinks - a nutritional shake for your beard does sound like a good idea all of a sudden. Well, enough of the digression.

We have a Cantaloupe Beard Shampoo that is sure to be a great beard product for your this summer. How's that? You feel hot, so you take a nice cool shower, and top that off with the cantaloupe shampoo. Pure luxury. Pure bliss. We're selling our cantaloupe shampoo for $9.98. Check it out on our main beard care page, its the 3rd product down from the top.

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