Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Brush, New Comb and Pumice Stone

We've added a few new products to our Beard Grooming Trim/Comb section and our Skin Care Tools for Men section.

These include a new brush which is great for the hair and the beard (yup - we got one for ourselves as well and tested it). Its got wooden pins and massages the scalp gently. So stop in at our store to purchase the Beechwood Oval Hair/Beard Brush with Wood Pins - Handfinished:

We're selling this brush for $8.50

Another great product that we've added to our collection of combs is a folding comb. Its very portable, great size, fits in the pocket and a great accessory to have on hand. Now in stock and is called: Tortoise Folding Comb (3.75" Closed - 7" Open) - Handmade

Both of these products can be obtained from our Beard Grooming | Trim & Comb Section

Finally a great new product we've added as a skin care tool for men is Natural Pumice Stone. This is a type of stone made of volcanic rock and is great for removing dry or excess skin:

We're selling our Natural Pumice Stone for $2.50 in our
Skin Care Tools for Men section.

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