Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Beards & Electricity: Don't Get Zapped Physically and Financially

You've seen images of somebody with the hair all raised up - and the first thought that comes to your mind is that he's been zapped by electricity.

Or perhaps you've touched one of those glowing balls that have swirling currents in them and you're hair rises up. That's the power of the electric current working there isn't it?

So - its only natural if you have a beard then the effect would be more pronounced. But hopefully you haven't and its not a pleasant experience that you would want to treasure in your memory.

But - there is another kind of zapping going on these days - and that's when you get hit with higher electric rates.

All across the States - in fact in many countries of the world, consumers face rising utility bills. Do you think that's fair? In a recession, with such a high loss of jobs and unemployment.

You need to take obvious measures - whether your concern is business or residential electricity prices.

One of the first things you can do is reduce your reliance on the grid by using and consuming less. Turn off power wasters and switches that work like phantoms draining your kilowatts when you don't even use them.

Second - you need to look for better options - comparison shopping as it is known. You look for a good price when buying a new car, or anything else from a store - that's the same approach you want to take towards electricity or internet. In fact these services are lifelong bills that come in month after month. So a small change with by look at an electricity price comparison could save you a lot of money over a lifetime.

Take an active step now and start searching for better rates, reduce your energy consumption, and be more cognizant of what's on and whats off - its costing you.

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