Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No-Shave November

We're almost halfway into No Shave November and here's some tips to keep it going:

#1 Its all a mental thing: If you're struggling with new growth - and found yourself itching and scratching - welcome to beard boot-camp! No pain no gain. This the crucial test of your ability to withstand little sharp razor-like hair piercing through your pores - and yes some ingrown hair as well.

#2 Okay - a bit of exaggeration above - you can do a few more things to make the transition to your facial hair journey a bit more comfortable. Keep it clean, wash with mild soap, try to resist the itching urge every time you feel like it. Instead use your tips (as opposed to your fingernails) to massage the area - it will lower the sensation without causing scratches.

#3 You're in luck we've got some great beard care products on our site - to help you along. Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera, and other great gifts from nature's garden go a long way in keeping you feel comfortable. Use a combination of products to control beard dandruff, itching, and keeping your new growth looking nice and groomed.

#4 Don't give up - its the eye of the lion not the eye of the tiger - you have to have a nice mane - have you ever seen a lion shave his mane? I didn't think so. This is a long term investment in your manliness - don't go shaving it as soon as December 1st comes around.

#5 Real Men Have Beards - we've got a great bumper sticker that we will be sending to our customers - and that's what it says. Because to go through that new growth and to keep going and not shaving - that requires patience, strength, courage, humility -- characteristics of long ago found in a few today. Do you have them? If so where's your beard?

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