Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Falltime = Beardtime

In the world of beard and facial hair growing - there's 2 types of folks. Those who keep their facial hair year-round (Tier 1) and those who grow their beards around fall or winter (Tier 2).

For the Tier 2 folks the beard growing season starts right about now, although some procrastinate to as late as "No-Shave November". Its great to have the Tier 2 folks join us for the fall and winter months. We wish you would stay and so here's an analogy I came up with to come to terms with this phenomenon:

Growing a beard is like having a vacation getaway, a retreat. "A beard is a man's castle" to twist the old adage. Some can getaway for only short periods of time (that is they grow their beard and shave it off), and that's our Tier 2 folks.

So to them I would like to present his example: Have a year round retreat and getaway by not shaving. You'll do a favor to your skin, save lots of time, save yourself from countless cuts and can get up for work 15 minutes later. See it really is a retreat -- not shaving.

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