Friday, July 10, 2009

*New* Product: Canvas "The Artist" Beard Bar

Facial hair is a work of art -- no less than a masterpiece. If Mona Lisa was a man she'd have a beard and that would make Leonardo de Vinci's work all the more interesting. If you doubt that just take a look at de Vinci's picture - he has a beard as well.

So here's the motivational message of this post: Don't let anybody talk down your facial hair. Think of it as the last stroke on the work of art that is your face - if you keep shaving it its like running an eraser across Monet's "Water Lily Pond".

With that in mind, we've introduced the Canvas Bar - for the artist in you. At $6.50 its got saponified olive, coconut, palm and sunflower seed oil. A potent mixture for keeping that beard looking its best. Purchase at the following link: Beard Soaps

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