Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Amish, Beards, and Leather

The Amish people are known for keeping beards after they get married. Often their beards are usually fist-length with the mustaches trimmed as well.

It kind of fits in well with their old-world values and emphasis on cottage industries which allows them to earn a living without sacrificing the values they cherish.

The Amish are known for making quality products whether for use by their own community or by outsiders. Finished products include: leather goods, wooden structures, quilts, furniture and more.

Their leather shops are particularly fascinating with products for people and horses.

You'll find old antiquated machines that are hand-operated and require skill and apprenticeship to master.

Perhaps their handmade leather belts are the best of them all, featuring native US leather and Old World attention and quality.

In big discount stores leather belts usually run $19.99 to $39.99. Consider that price and then you'll realize what a great bargain it is to purchase a hand-tooled belt made from native US cowhide in the USA at $24.95 from Henry Miller & Sons Leathermakers.

Check them out at: Amish Leather

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