Friday, December 14, 2007

New Product: Beard Infusion

From the folks at Craigs, comes a new intensive leave-in beard conditioner. By leaving it in, the oils will give you a soft beard and you can bet she will appreciate that. The amazing thing about the 'Beard Infusion' is that its handmade in small batches - right here in the USA.
And thats not all -- its got quality ingredients:
*Sesame Oil to nourish scalp - a very famous treatment used by ayurvedic specialists.
*Apricot Kernel Oil - with loads of natural Vitamin E - that is soothing and gentle to a beard. It replenishes and rejuvenates both the facial hair and the skin that can get dry easily.
*Coconut Oil - a natural softener that will make your beard baby soft, so your significant other won't feel like your Edward Scissorbeards.
We're selling the 2oz. Beard Infusion for $18.98.
Click here to visit to our Beard Conditioner page to buy this and other great products.

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