Sunday, July 29, 2007

YE Blog Review

Recently our site dropped off Google Rankings, and determined to find out what happened, I turned to well --- Google itself, and found a nice site called Young Entrepreneur Blog. Since my business is selling 'beard care products' which is a relatively niche market, and not something like 'nutritional supplements', the sudden drop seemed very strange! So as part of my research I went through the YE's blog and since they have an informative section on Internet Marketing, and the part about Google is a must read for all budding online entrepreneurs.

I also found out that Google has recently changed their page ranking algorithms and perhaps that could be the cause that is ailing my site. I'm going to download the GSite Crawler so I have an appropriate sitemap that Google can use to link to the rest of my site. I'm also implementing the suggestions from the YE Blog. One of them is to lower the density of the keyword density of some test pages on your site and see if you can get back your position. I rather hope thats the scenario with my site, and not the dreaded banishment, although I haven't done anything to deserve that. I hope we will be back up and running in the first page of Google soon. For more information check out the YE Blog at:

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